2 Friends With a Passion for Personal Fitness.

After a year of careful planning we found the perfect location and opened Go Git It Fitness. With a collective passion for fitness and a commitment to excellence, our goal is to assist the community to exceed their fitness goals.

Premium Personal Training Studio, with Master Rated Personal Trainers.

Services offered: Personal Training, Group Training, Free Weights, Cardio, Functional Training, Dumb bells, Kettlebells, Bosu balls, Tire Slams, Sled push, TRX, Core, Cycling, Treadmill, Stepper, Rower, Teardrop kick & punch bag, sled pull, bands, squat rack, hammer strength leg press, slam balls, 360 stability trainer, water rower, elliptical, 5 stack, cables, battle ropes, box jumps, HIIT CLASSES, Upper Body, Lower Body, Total body, Strength and Conditioning, Onnit Mace Bells, LIFTING CHAINS, turf, grass turf, coaches, strength training, HIIT, recovery room, massage guns, Thera gun, massage table, massage chair, and much much more. Get Ready to Go Git It Fitness!!


Monthly Membership

Membership options available starting at $40 per month.

Group Exercise classes

High Intensity Classes. Strength Training. Upper body, Lower body, Kettle Bell classes, TRX classes, Cardio Blast, Spin Classes.

Personal 1 on 1 Training

Personal training specifically catered to your goals.


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Team Members


Master Rated Trainer with 15+ Years of Personal Training Experience; ACE Certified Personal Trainer


Master Rated Trainer with 10 + Years of Personal Training Experience; NASM Certified Personal Trainer